Ashleigh ScottThe Snug-a-Baby infant support has really come in handy the last few months because my daughter is simply too small and cannot use her Exersaucer without having the support around her waist.

Before we tried this product I was convinced she would have to wait quite a bit longer before I could put her in the Exersaucer. It was disappointing because she loved the idea of it but she would flop over and constantly lose her balance causing her to bump her head on a toy or scare herself with her lack of stability. The sung-a-baby support has helped to make her toy a safe and secure place to play allowing me some free time to get things done around the house.

The support is so easy to use you can put it around your little one with one hand while the velcro closure ensures a perfect fit and helps it stay snug around your child’s waist. The fabric is soft and breathable and comes in a selection of lovely patterns. The support has just enough padding that baby feels comfortable and secure but isn’t cumbersome or bulky. I’ve also noticed that this product makes my daughter so much more comfortable, she can stay in her Exersaucer longer and is much more content.

Another amazing use I found for this support is in my daughter’s portable booster seat. She’s still a little small to sit in the booster so I’ve taken to using the snug-a-baby to put between her and the tray helping to keep her in place and upright which makes feeding and meal times much easier! I definitely approve of this product and am happy to recommend it.