Ashleigh ScottWhen I first received my TaLii Towels I wasn’t really sure what to think. Unlike a normal terry towel the texture of these towels is quite different and unique with a weight more comparable to that of a bed sheet.

It’s kind of a mystery how these towels work being so thin and lightweight but they really do.

The material is super absorbent and quick drying which makes them perfect for my gym bag. They are also antimicrobial and repel odors making them an essential for my hubby’s hockey bag – normal towels tend to absorb all the smells of his equipment, yuck!

They are great to have for trips to the park or splash pad and because they are thin they barely take up any room so I can always keep one stashed in the basket under my stroller.

These towels are great in so many ways but I think my favourite use for them has been for my 5 year old after swimming lessons. Before the TaLii Towel getting dried and dressed was pure drama! She would be wet and sticky and getting her clothes on would be an absolute struggle but now she’s dried off in no time! The towel is so big and absorbent it also gets most of the water out of her hair which means no more sitting in wet clothes for the drive home and that is simply amazing.

The smaller size is perfect for my hair after I shower as I have a lot of hair and this helps to cut down my drying time significantly saving me time and patience. When it comes to laundry day washing these towels is a breeze because they are best when washed with your regular clothing and you can fit so many more in a load because they are so thin! They also dry so easily. I never have to worry about having to add time on my dryer cycle which is something I could never do with regular towels.

The only drawback I can think of is because these towels are so lightweight, I felt they took some getting used to. They don’t feel as cozy as a traditional terry towel but the benefits and how well they work have quickly won me over.  I totally approve!