Harmony LegereI am in love with the OVer! We have used this versatile cover everyday since we received it.

I have used many other car seat covers, but none of them held up in the wind and often blew all over the place. It’s very difficult to push a stroller and worry about holding onto a car seat cover at the same time, but the OVer prevented all of these issues.

The OVer fit snuggly over my car seat and the space at the top allowed me to still check on my baby. I love that the OVer is made of breathable material and allowed for temperature control while still keeping out precipitation and wind.

The OVer is so convenient when on the go for nursing a baby in public. It’s very easy to take the OVer off the car seat and put it over you to provide privacy while not overheating you when nursing. The cover is made of a thinner breathable material that not only made nursing a more comfortable experience for me, but for my baby as well.

Shopping with the OVer has been a much easier experience. I no longer need to worry about carrying around a big enough blanket to cover the shopping cart seat. I simply use the OVer to cover the shopping cart seat and do not have to worry about the blanket or using baby wipes to clean the cart.

My favourite part about the OVer is that after I have used it for all of various uses, then I can simply throw it in the washing machine and clean it very easily. The OVer has changed the way in which I get ready for my day because it eliminates the clutter in my diaper bag and provides the versatility that every mom needs.