Jennifer ViherjokiWhen I received my OVer Cover, I was immediately impressed by the stylish design and lightweight feel. My little one is three months old and the OVer cover was perfect for us as a car seat cover and nursing cover-up.

With this past winter being completely unpredictable in terms of weather, the cover was perfect to use to protect her from the elements. The OVer cover stretched over the car seat completely, leaving enough room in the opening for my arm to be able to carry the seat comfortably, while not leaving any large gaps for snow or rain to fall onto the baby. The cover used the frame of the car seat to ensure that the fabric was not resting on the baby’s face, leaving lots of space for air to circulate.

When used as a nursing cover, I found that the OVer cover was not only stylish (I thought about wearing it as a scarf!), but it covered myself and my little one completely. I didn’t feel as though half of my body was exposed, like with traditional cape-style covers.  She likes to kick her feet while nursing and I often find myself constantly adjusting other covers. The OVer cover stretched around both of us completely and stayed where it was, allowing both of us to focus on feeding. The lightweight fabric breathed well, which helped to keep the temperature beneath the cover cool, as it often gets quite warm.

When she gets older, I look forward to using the OVer cover as a protective cover for shopping carts. I think it would be incredibly easy to stretch over the frame of the shopping cart, while balancing a baby and a diaper bag all at the same time.