Kristen HodgesLet me start by saying that my 5.5 month old little guy will not nurse under a cover. Needless to say,  feeding him while I’m out is always a challenge, so I didn’t expect much when I brought along the OVer nursing cover for a day out.

I was genuinely surprised when it came time to feed him in a busy public place and he happily nursed away under this cover! It’s light and breezy (not to mention super cute) so it didn’t get hot or stuffy for him while he ate. It’s a huge relief for me knowing that I can go out and not worry about where and how to feed my son.

The huge bonus of this cover, is that I also used it as a car seat cover.  Now that spring is here I needed something light but still protective. It was a rainy day and my son slept peacefully while we were outside. The fact that it’s stretchy made it easy to get on and it keep in place.

This will definitely be my new go-to car seat and nursing cover.