Sabrina SorochanImagine this. It is a cold, windy, snowy Canadian winter’s day; you are out doing errands with your baby and are in and out of the car rushing into each stop along your journey just so your baby can get into the warmth as fast as possible. 

If you’re like me, you probably have a few of the bare necessities to keep your baby warm like a hat, and a car seat bunting bag. You might even use a blanket or another similar product to block out the elements. 

Personally, I have used a blanket which fastens on the handle of the car seat and drapes over the front and back. My pet peeve is on those cold, windy days I found myself constantly trying to hold down the blanket to prevent it from flapping in the wind, allowing the cold wind to chill my baby’s precious face. I was hesitant to try the plastic cover out of fear there would be lack of oxygen flow for the baby because there is no opening. 

Recently I was introduced to the OVer which is a multi-use product that serves three purposes: car seat cover, nursing cover, and shopping cart cover. 

I was interested in this product because the patterns are attractive and the material is 95% cotton which means its washable, breathable, and multifunctional (which I love)!  Who would not love that this product is also Canadian made!

As a car seat cover I like the fact that its easy to put on and take off.  I did notice that my daughter was constantly pulling the opening down so she could look out, so from my daughters persepective I do not think she enjoyed this product because it impacted her ability to see out into the world; although it does serve a purpose for blocking out most of that cold winter air without the hassle of holding down a blanket, or for privacy while baby sleeps and you are shopping. I did find however that the material was a bit baggy, it did not fit snug on my car seat the way it does in the picture. There is definitely a demanding market though, on a recent trip to the mall my friend and I were stopped twice and complimented on the design and asked where we purchased it. 

As a nursing cover it did not work for me because of my broad shoulders and plus size physique, I found it a bit snug and difficult to help my baby latch because I could not see her face.  BUT, I absolutely love the concept that while you are out and about you can easily take the cover off the car seat and start nursing, taking up no space in your already jam packed diaper bag. 

I will continue to use this product as a car seat cover, despite the fact that my daughter would prefer no cover and even though on my car seat the fit is a bit loose.  At bare minimum, when my daughter is old enough to sit in a shopping cart this product will be a no brainer to use as a barrier against those germ infested handles.