Stephanie ClairmontFor the past couple weeks I’ve been using the Blue Jay Stripe OVer with my one-year-old son. I really love this OVer and wish I had it sooner when my babe was little!

When he was in his carrier car seat, I struggled to find a cute, functional cover so I just put a blanket over him. It would sway in the wind and blow off – it was such a terrible idea, but I couldn’t find something I liked and I didn’t want to spend the money on a cover for just a couple months. 

This OVer is awesome because you will use it for a long time and in other ways! It’s like saving money on three things by purchasing just one! I haven’t come across a product like this and would highly recommend it. The stretchy material is lovely and functional, it takes little space in my diaper bag and the patterns available are so adorable!

Breast Feeding Cover

My little one is one, but I’m still breastfeeding him; although not as often as when he was new. I used this cover when I was out for dinner the other night and although I liked it, Deakon really wanted to look around, so it didn’t work at this age. I think if he was used to it all along, he would have been fine, but I believe it would have worked for us for at least the first 6 months of breastfeeding in public. It’s super easy to put on, even with one hand and covers you up nicely. Even though Deakon had his face out, I used the material to cover up so I didn’t pop out at anyone.

High Chair & Cart Cover

This is the best use of this for us now! I am always so worried about how yucky high chairs and grocery carts are, so I actually purchased another brand of cover for close to the same cost of this multi-functional OVer. The other cover has holes and buckles and ties and is actually a bit of trouble to use and tie down to be honest. The OVer is really easy. With the stretchy fabric it takes shape of any chair or cart and there is just one hole for the legs to come out, which makes it less of a challenge to put Deakon in and out.

I think you’ll love this OVer. It’s a sweet little investment for a piece that will do many jobs throughout the first 1-2 years of your babe’s life. If you have a messy boy like me – I recommend a colour or pattern that hides stains well 😉