Danielle HodgesAs someone that isn’t usually very sentimental, I was surprised at how much I liked the print and frame I got from Pressions.

I tend to shy away from “crafty” projects because they always end up looking like I stayed up too late drinking red wine, but this was super easy.  The fact that the print itself is made in sand is the best part! If you’re anything like me getting toddler prints and especially prints of your dog, is next to impossible. The sand means that you can keep trying until you get it exactly the way you want it.  Perfection!

When you actually put the paw prints in the frame it looks unbelievably sweet…and actually quite classy! I put it right near the floor over where my dog’s food dish is for even cuter effect.  I’m thinking I might get the bigger frame and put all our hands in it next time.  I always love a product that’s for the creatively challenged and looks like a Pinterest win:)