Madeleine AlaouzeI love keepsakes. I’m one of those moms who have kept everything from hospital bracelets to the name card in the bassinet at the Hospital. I keep all the little trinkets and memorabilia in hopes that I will one day create something with them. I love the thought of being able to look at something and be immediately transported to the time it took place.

When I received the Pressions kit I got excited. I have come across similar memory making kits, but after failed attempts to get a good mould or print for the finished product, I give up.

What’s great about the Pressions kit is that if you do not get a good mould the first time you can start all over! This is possible because the print is made in sand, nothing can be wasted and it can be done over and over again until you get the perfect print. This was crucial for me in doing it with my two-year old. The first couple attempts she would grab the sand, want to play, move her hand around but using the leveller that comes with the kit, I was able to just keep smoothing the surface over and trying again.

The instructions the kit comes with are detailed, easy to understand, and clear. There is really no way to mess this up. One specific instruction I would definitely recommend following, if not all of them, is the part that tells you to put newspaper under the project as it does get messy. Have a broom or vacuum handy for the sand that escapes.

The kit comes with plaster to set the print, and a beautiful wood frame to present it in. You can choose different sized frames to do multiple prints in one, such as a family Pression. You can even add different keepsakes to the prints; ideas Pression suggests are coins, shells, hearts, and sparkles!

Another great feature about this product is that it is Canadian made and environmentally friendly! This product is just so unique it would make such a perfect gift for anyone. I have already found the perfect spot to hang it on our picture wall. I approve this product!