Sabrina SorochanAs a new mom with an almost five month old baby girl I have quickly realized how fast babies grow and change, they say life goes by in the blink of an eye.  Sometimes you just want to freeze a moment to hold on to a memory and photos just don’t always do these moments justice. 

I recently tested the Pressions Creating Memories product, what a great idea! Take a mould of my babies foot so I can have something tangible to show her as she grows and changes and have a treasured keepsake for mom and dad to reminisce about precious moments that went as fast as they came.

The instructions were straight forward and easy to follow, I even looked up some videos on the company website to be diligent and ensure I could execute the project precisely to get optimal results (I highly recommend doing this by the way).  I love that with this product if you don’t get the impression you want, you can keep trying. 

In the spirit of capturing a memory, I enlisted the help of Grannie as I realized an extra pair of hands would likely come into good use with a squirmy baby…and boy did they ever!  Maybe we were a bit too picky on getting the right look, but after several attempts we finally got an imprint we were happy with.

Here are a few tips to help make your experience a bit smoother:

-Do yourself a favour and place the photo frame on a tray so you can move the frame if you need to once the plaster is poured. This also provided a stronger foundation. 

-This is definitely a two person job as a pair of hands holding the baby and an extra pair to press down on toes or fingers is a huge help. We found that the sand dried out after a few attempts so we added a bit more water (1 – 2 tsp) to remoisten; once we did this we got the perfect imprint! 

Since sand is a new texture my baby has never explored, it made this task a bit more challenging than we anticipated because her fingers wanted to grab the sand and her toes would curl and scoop up the sand as we lifted her foot.  But fear not! With a splash of water to keep the sand moist, a dash of patience and determination, and a happy baby, we reached a successful result. I suspect this task would be quicker with an older child or an infant that is less fidgety. 

With that said, this product is superior to another kit I have tried which was not nearly as forgiving, was far more frustrating to work with and did not have nearly as nice of an outcome. With PressionsI love that I have a raised 3D impression of my baby’s foot rather than an indented impression, this makes for a unique treasured keepsake.  Grannie and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome!!

Mommy and Grannie approved!!