Kristen HodgesI tried out the Petit Coulou protective car seat cover last week while attempting my first walk with my 5-day old son.

In putting my impressions together,  it seems that the very innovation that makes this cover convenient also makes it inconvenient at times.

The first feature that caught my attention is the extra insert to keep baby toasty warm on the coldest of winter days.  It was easy to slip into the seat and will be useful!  I also loved that the cover could be secured to the car seat with elasticized toggles and was easy to pull onto the car seat. The efficient dome design ensured that my little guy could snooze peacefully without being disturbed by the cover.  It also meant he could stay warm without overheating since the cover wasn’t resting right on him. It was cute to see him sleeping inside his little igloo!

Now for the flip side of this innovative product. The very cozy insert is a separate piece from the cover, which means there’s a good chance it’ll get lost in the chaos of my life.  Perhaps a hold-all bag would be helpful to keep everything together. Also,  the dome design means the cover itself is quite large and rests high over the top of the baby. The sheer size of it made it feel a bit cumbersome and was somewhat extreme for a stroll outside on a fall day. Maybe it will be better suited for those “dead of winter”  days. Also,  because of the height of the dome, I couldn’t see my little one without going right up to the cover and peering down inside the head opening to make sure he was okay in there! The head opening itself was quite small, and there was no way to either cover the opening on a snowy day while going from house to car or fold the cover down when I’m indoors or in a warmer environment.