Ashleigh ScottIt’s hard to believe that so many of the name brand products many of us moms rely on have chemicals in them that aren’t totally safe for our little ones.

Eco Chic Movement has set out to change that and are doing a great job of offering alternative skin care products that tackle common skin ailments while giving us, the consumer, piece of mind.

One of my favourite products is the baby lotion. My family suffers from seriously dry skin and this product really delivers. It locks moisture in and is very hydrating leaving skin supple and very soft. I use it on my severely dry hands and it has helped immensely.

The diaper cream is also great and I only wish I had discovered it when my baby was a newborn, it would have saved us both a lot of pain and frustration. It’s a great barrier against moisture and a little goes a very long way. The consistency is amazing, soft, and really melts into the skin. This is a must have product for new moms dealing with frequent diaper changes –  I’ll be sure to include this item in baby shower gifts.

The skin conditioning cream is another item I wish I had had when my daughter was first born. She suffered from a terrible rash on her face and nothing I used worked. This product would have been so helpful as it does a great job of healing any little scratches or cuts -I can only imagine how healing it would be for sensitive skin conditions like eczema.

Overall the products work really well, with the only downside being the scent, it’s definitely not my favourite but it’s not enough to prevent me from buying it again or recommending it to others. I’m eager to try other products in the line. I definitely approve.