Denise FrenchWe enjoyed using the Eco Chic Movement all natural baby products.

The Diaper Cream was smooth and very easy to apply. It cleared up any red spots my son had overnight. We have tried many different diaper creams and nothing seems to work on our son’s skin, this is the first product that has worked this quick without a reaction. This will absolutely be a staple in our house.

We loved the scent of the Baby Shampoo and Body Wash. It didn’t leave a soapy feel or smell when dried off and was easy on my baby’s already thin hair. The bottle was easy to use and the foaming soap was a hit with our toddler.

The natural Body Lotion had a nice scent that was not overbearing. It was a nice lotion to apply before bed with a calming feel that didn’t leave the skin feeling oily or over moisturized. The pump bottle allowed our toddler to “assist” which made lotion time easier. I would recommend these products to families.