Harmony LegereA baby’s skin is so sensitive so it’s very important that we make sure to use products to nourish the skin that is chemical and additive free.

I love the Eco Chic Movement line. The baby shampoo & body wash have a light foamy texture with a fresh scent of essential oils. It requires very little to cover and wash my baby. As someone who is allergic to sulphates, it is essential to me to find products that are sulphate free – and many other brands of baby products are full of sulphates.

The baby lotion is a thicker product which I love. It covers the entire body with a very small amount, is nourishing, and leaves my baby’s skin soft and moisturized. The lotion doesn’t have a filmy or oily residue, which is often a problem in natural baby products. It’s a great daily lotion for those with sensitive skin. My daughter was having difficulty with cradle cap prior to testing these products. I put the lotion on my baby’s head and put a hat on her before bed one night. The next morning I washed it off and we have not had an issue with cradle cap since! I also enjoyed using it as well; moms need soft skin too.

The diaper cream is a thicker formula and I find stays on well for hours at a time. The main issue with a lot of diaper creams is that they are thin and come off as soon as my baby pees but not with Eco Chic Movement. The product stayed on and protected my baby’s bum between changes and did not wipe off onto her diaper.

The skin conditioning cream is great in the treatment of eczema. Both of my children have experienced issues with eczema and I have spent months trying numerous products with no luck. The skin conditioning cream was the product I was excited to test most to see if it assisted with eczema treatment. Even after one day I noticed a huge difference in my baby’s eczema and after three days it was completely gone! Unbelievable! I will certainly be ordering this product before my sample runs out.

I would highly suggest this line of products to any mom seeking a paraben and sulphate free product line that does not test on animals. I will certainly be ordering these products for my next baby shower gift.