Madeleine AlaouzeThese days we are bombarded with products claiming to be all-natural, organic, or chemical free. I can’t walk down an aisle without seeing dozens of mass produced labels just begging to be put in my cart.

Although I would be lying if I said I was not one of those moms who have tried almost everything promising to be gentle and ‘better’ for my kids skin. There are certain things I use which have stuck around as our ‘staple’ items and I am always open to trying new things that make good on their promises, which is what Eco Chic Movement proved to do within days of using it on my kids.

My daughters have sensitive skin like I do, and my youngest gets bouts of eczema throughout the year. She also tends to get bad bum rashes in warmer weather. When I used the Eco Chic Movement diaper cream on her bum rash, the redness and the rash seemed to nearly disappear the next morning. I liked that the diaper cream went on smoothly and was not super thick as most are.

We have also used the skin condition cream and baby lotion on my daughter as her skin is on the dryer side from having patches of Eczema. I noticed a clear difference in her skin within a couple days. The cream is not overly fragrant and has a more natural smell to it. You can really smell the Shea butter ingredient.

You can order the products online, which is pretty standard these days. The price points, in my opinion, are a little on the high end, but being Canadian made and having a one-year shelf life I would say are pluses.

What’s great about Eco Chic is that its claims to be 100% chemical-free are true! They don’t use any parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic preservatives, or petroleum products – which are all things you really don’t want in any of your products. Just go onto the website and read up on the chemicals they are free of and the great ingredients that do a body good!