Sabrina SorochanFor the past several weeks my daughter and I have been battling a case of cradle cap and eczema with 0.5% Cortisone Cream and Baby Oil as recommended by our Nurse Practitioner…..unsuccessfully I should add. 

When Eco Chic Movement arrived on my door step I was very eager to see whether or not these products would help with my baby’s sensitive, irritated skin as they are free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic preservatives, nut, soy, and wheat.

Let me start with the Skin Conditions Cream. They say “proof is in the pudding,” Well I couldn’t agree more! Take a look….


Believe it or not the pictures on the left were taken on Friday before the first application and the pictures on the right were taken on Monday. To say I am impressed is an understatement, not only does the Skin Conditions Cream have a luxurious texture and a very mild scent, I have peace of mind knowing this product is safe for my baby. I cannot believe my baby’s skin cleared within days after I was treating it for weeks! 

I am also thrilled with the Baby Lotion. I adore the subtle sweet scent of marshmallow and it makes my baby’s skin feel super marshmallow soft! 

After researching the Eco Chic Movement website, I was surprised to learn that petroleum jelly has been proven to cause cancer, this has been my primary product of choice to ward against diaper rash…well, not anymore!  I am obsessed with the eco chic Diaper Cream! It has a silky smooth texture and you only need the tiniest amount to protect your baby’s bottom. 

I am such a champion for Eco Chic Movement overall because they use natural ingredients and the products I have tried really deliver and surpass all the expectations I had. I am now looking into purchasing some products for myself -mommies need pampering too!!

Mommy Approved!