Shannon MarchandAfter using the Eco Chic baby products for the last 3 weeks I am happy to report that they work wonderfully.

I tend to purchase natural products in general and it’s nice to have the option to use products specifically geared towards babies and, as an added bonus, made locally.

In general, all the products had a pleasant, clean scent. The Baby Shampoo and Body Wash was light and foamy – not too sudsy so it’s easy to rinse but sudsy enough to get a good clean.

The Body Lotion is thick but once warmed in the hands and smoothed onto the skin it absorbs well and leaves an extra soft feel to my baby’s already soft skin.

The Diaper Cream is similar to the body lotion in terms of application; a little goes a long way. Upon receiving the product I thought it wouldn’t last very long but I’ve actually barely made a dent in my supply!

The Skin Conditions Cream is where I’ve actually noticed the product having a direct effect on my baby’s skin. She had a slight rash around her cheeks for a couple of weeks. I suspect it had to do with her formula and spitting up. I had been actively trying to wipe her face with a wet cloth after feeding and spitting up but it wasn’t until I started applying the Skin Condition Cream that it cleared up. It’s almost as if it’s forming a barrier against the skin irritant.

Besides planning to purchase the Eco Chic products for myself as well as my baby, I would recommend this line to anyone.