Dr. Daphne PalaThe Bare Bums Creations blanket and change pad is beautiful and soft and has many uses.

I have a two-year-old and am 7 months pregnant. With my two-year-old we are in the process of potty training and plan to use this on his bed as soon as we are ready to tackle night time pee.

20160602_145248The material is quiet (not rough and crinkly like some waterproof fabric) and very smooth so he will not notice that something foreign and water proof is underneath him.  The change pad is already set up and ready to be used on our change table for our second son who arrives in august.  

I also think the blanket will have some additional use by myself after coming home from the hospital on my bed. I honestly think there are many uses for the blanket. They are made from high quality fabric that washes well. Bare Bums Creations change pad and blanket are certainly a multi-use accessory for any family with infants or small kids.