Jennifer ViherjokiI absolutely love the multi-purpose nature of the Bare Bums Creations products I received. I have a three-year-old and a five-month-old baby and we’ve used these products several different ways since we got them.

The Bare Bums Blanket came at the absolute best time. My son is potty training and has had amazing success during the day and it was time to make the transition to diaper-less nights. The blanket was perfect to use in his bed for night-time training. The soft, squishy fabric feels like a natural blanket that he could move around on without making the crinkly noise that some bed protection sheets make. I felt more comfortable with the blanket beneath him, both for his comfort and for the state of the mattress.

We also use the blanket on the floor during naked baby time. My daughter LOVES this time of the day. She rolls around on the soft fabric of the blanket and if she does pee on it, the moisture is immediately sucked into the absorbing layer and away from her skin. A quick wash and dry, and the blanket is back, ready to go for the next bare bum play time. I was impressed with how user-friendly and incredibly versatile this product is. My kids love it.

We also received the Bare Bums Change Pad. This is perfect to throw in the diaper bag. When we go to restaurants, and stores, all that is available to change the baby on is a hard plastic change table. The soft fabric and cushiony pad is perfect to provide a comfortable surface to lay the baby on. Some other change pads have a plastic liner to lay baby on. The cloth is warm and less of a shock to a bare bum. A quick wash in the washing machine and dryer, allow the pad to be thrown back into the diaper bag for the next adventure.

My family and I totally approve these Bare Bums Creations. They will be well-used!!