Lori BarkerThe Bare Bums Creation blanket is well put together with an amazing gender neutral and fun colour scheme. I love the fact that these products are created with the environment in mind and are non-toxic, which is so important to me for my children.

I was almost wishing my water would break early just so I could say that I used this blanket during my labour! I did, however, test it out by pouring 2 cups of water on it to check it’s absorbency and ability to not soak through. It was incredibly absorbent and there was nothing on my bed! Not one single drop. This is an amazing product for women to use when they are getting close to labour for water breakage and any other surprise fluids to protect their bed, car seat etc. 

The blanket is soft and provides just enough cushion to be comfortable to lay on, but not too thick to create a discomfort by raising your body up too high.

This blanket is large and can be used for many uses. I cannot wait to use it for labour, nursing, potty training and so much more. 

I approve Bare Bums Creation’s blanket 110%!