Madeleine AlaouzeWe received our Bare Bums Creation blanket and change pad a couple weeks ago and are so happy with this product. As soon as I felt both, I knew the quality of fabrics was of a high standard.

The change pad is quickly going to become a staple in my diaper bag and the blanket is perfect for when we start to potty train my youngest. The material is waterproof, absorbent, and washable not to mention the fabric is super cute and trendy. You can also look at different fabrics on their website,

After a bit of research I realized there were tons of uses for the blanket! The creator suggests using the blanket for bare bum time with babies, a mattress cover for potty training, or a blanket for the beach or when we have a picnic. Expecting moms can even use it to protect their mattresses for when they may go into labor.

So far we have used it as a picnic blanket as well as a bare bum blanket for my toddler. It is just the right size to pack up and put in a bag, which makes travelling with it easy. I have also used it as a shopping cart cover when we did some grocery shopping which made the cart more comfortable for my toddler. The blanket can really serve multiple purposes making a great purchase for you or as a gift!

The change pad is great as well. Perfect size for the diaper bag, comfortable for my toddler instead of just a thin blanket, and it is washable for any messes that may happen on it. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone! I approve Bare Bums Creations!