Sabrina SorochanI do a lot of online purchasing, I absolutely love the feeling of receiving whatever I have ordered in the mail…it’s like this anticipation builds from the moment I hit the submit button.

Recently I received two products from Bare Bums Creations: a blanket and change pad. I eagerly tore open the shipping pack and was pleasantly surprised!  Not only were the products nicely folded, but packaged beautifully with twine giving it a rustic feel and a nifty business card explaining the multiple uses each product has; clearly this company took the time to personalize the shipment making me feel like a special client.  It reminded me of receiving an item from my late grandmother who loved to quilt and sew, the material and pattern is stunning and the products have that homemade feel and are meticulously handcrafted.

Bare Bums Creations baby blanket with dogI know what you may be thinking….what is so special about these products; they are “standard” everyday items that are used over and over.  Let me assure you, there is nothing “standard” about them. The blanket is of excellent quality that is also eco-friendly, the patterns are unique, and the blanket is thicker than most and can absorb a gallon of liquid without leaking. I have never used a blanket before that could hold up the way this one can. Talk about multiple uses too!  In the last week I have tested this product I have used it to lay my baby down to dry off after a swim in the pool, for tummy time at granny’s house, as a car seat cover, for nap time at friends’ houses, to relax and play outside, and a cushioning for her feet under her jumper.  My daughter often times spits up after eating; it is nice that this blanket is so handy and absorbed all liquid.  I am also impressed it did not shrink or fade with washing.

Like the blanket, the change pad quality is outstanding. It is also thick and has added protection when changing my daughter. With one use I have thrown out the thin, cheap, and completely useless change pad that came with my diaper bag and replaced it with Bare Bums. Since the change pad also has a waterproof layer it has come in handy during those unfortunate diaper changes when your baby piddles or when you are changing a leaky number 2, which unfortunately for me has been more common than not as my daughter has begun eating solids. I also love the fact that it is larger than other change pads. Since my daughter has had some explosive diapers lately, she often has soaked through her clothes and it’s so frustrating when she does it using her Exersaucer or swing. Before Bare Bums I felt like I was constantly washing these items, now I use the nifty change pad as a liner to protect against these unpredictable messes.

I give Bare Bums a two thumbs up with both products. I have absolutely nothing negative to say and highly recommend both the waterproof blanket and change pad!  If my husband and I are fortunate to have another baby, I will definitely use the blanket as a mattress pad cover closer to my due date, beats the crinkling of garbage bags!  If you are looking for that special touch for an upcoming baby shower gift, this would definitely be a contender and is a gift that will be used and treasured for many years to come.