Danielle HodgesI was really nervous about switching my toddler to his “big boy bed”. He’s like an acrobat in his crib and I could just imagine how fast he would go flying out of his bed!

The bed NANNY sent me a sheet and bolster made especially for a convertible crib (so the barrier is facing out into his room where the side of the crib would have been).
I’m really impressed with this product and I’m surprised nobody has thought of it before.

There are a lot of really awesome little details that I love. The sheet is a cozy fabric that has kind of a cool chevron pattern which is a nice touch. The bolster zips right into the sheet itself so it can’t move around or slip out of place and even better, my toddler can’t figure out how to get the zipper open! Not only that, but the bolster comes with a protective cover that protects it from bed wetting accidents. It washes easily and comes apart as quickly as it goes together.

Products like these are made for moms. It gives me peace of mind which is something that you can’t put a price on😃