Jennifer ViherjokiThe bed NANNY is a very cool product that would benefit many parents who are in the process of transitioning their little ones from the crib to a regular bed.

My son now sleeps in a double bed, so I was fortunate to test out the size for the double bed. The product comes with a fitted top sheet which contains pockets for durable foam inserts to be put into. These inserts act as barriers that prevent the child from rolling out of the bed. The pockets run on either side of the fitted sheet.

The bed NANNY was very easy and fast to set up. The neutral colours allowed the bed Nanny to fit in with the bedroom decor. It looked as if the product was part of his everyday sheet sets.

The fitted top sheet is of very high quality. The material is highly durable while remaining soft and comfortable to lie on. The pockets for the foam inserts were attached to the sheet material with strong stitching, which allowed tugging and pulling (which accompanies a child rolling around in the night) with relatively low stress on the seams.

The foam inserts come with a protective outer layer that is zipped on. This protective layer prevents the foam from becoming soiled if the child has any accidents during the night. This layer was easily wiped down, dried and put back on the foam. The durability of the foam itself was impressive. A three year old boy thought it was hysterical to bounce on them while I was putting them together. Needless to say, they totally kept their shape!

At first we had put the foam into both sides of the fitted sheet. This made the double bed feel more like a single. The foam itself is a bit bulky and does take up a fair amount of space, but the barriers are high enough that I feel my son would be completely safe if he tried to roll out of bed. Instead, using the versatility of the product, we took the foam out of one side, pushed the bed against the wall, and found the product better suited to our evening routines. Story time is just as important as staying in the bed during the night, so we were pleased to be able to make the change so that Daddy could still squeeze in to read.

I would be happy to approve this product for transitioning a little one from a crib to a bed.