Madeleine AlaouzeFabric:

The fabric used for the fitted sheet is thick and durable. When I first opened it I thought the fabric was heavy but soft. I could tell it was high and sturdy quality cotton, which I would of expected in order for this concept to work well and last throughout my little ones toddler years. The sheet is well made and in Canada which I am huge fan of. I followed the care instructions on the tag when I washed the sheet. I washed it in cold water and tumble dried with no heat. I then hung it to dry overnight and it fit on the mattress the same way as before I washed it. I think the care instructions are important to follow especially since the fabric is cotton and you would not want to risk the sheet shrinking or losing its shape.


The bed NANNY is pretty straightforward. The first time I put it together I did go over the instructions sent to me although I likely would of figured it out without them…because as a busy mom of two, who has time to read instructions!

Having the covers for the foam makes a big difference in getting the piece in the fitted sheet with ease. You can position the zipper on the outer side of the foam so the zipper and seams are on the other side so no little hands are trying to open it. What’s also great is that the bed NANNY comes in difference sizes to accommodate what you would need. For us, we converted my daughter’s crib to a toddler bed, and so this size was available and also only had the foam on one side.


The foam is well made as well, having lots of thought put into the shape of it. It sits on the edge of the bed comfortably and is just high enough for my toddler not to be able to roll over it. It’s firm and sturdy foam and will stand up to my daughter’s busy body at night; as she tends to move around a lot when she’s sleeping!

The covers fit perfectly on the foam piece and are not at all difficult to put on. It’s a strong plastic cover, which is great for getting the piece into the fitted sheet as well as protects against staining or wear and tear. Having it protect the foam piece is imperative especially when I begin to potty train my little one and there is a potential of accidents in bed.


The color of the sheet sent to me was a neutral beige color. As a mom of two little girls, having a variety of color choices for the sheet would be great to have. As mentioned earlier, the cotton seems to be of high quality and you can tell just by looking at it a lot of thought went into the design of the bed NANNY.

With my first daughter we used plastic and metal bedrails that folded up and down when we moved her to a bed from the crib. I remember being worried about her hitting her head on the metal pieces or pinching her fingers in the rails. With the bed NANNY I don’t have to worry about my little one’s curiosity hurting her. She made it through the first night with no issues and I can leave her at night knowing she is safe and sound.  This is most definitely a product I will be telling my mommy friends about. I approve the bed NANNY!