Ashleigh ScottWhen it comes to “baby wearing” let me state for the record I am a huge fan. I love so many aspects of the practice from bonding with your newborn to the amazing convenience factor. Finding a baby carrier that I love on the other hand has proven trying at times.

Some carriers I really loved early on but felt they didn’t work for me as my daughter grew. Others worked better as she got larger but were bulky and didn’t help support her weight, resulting in sore shoulders or back strain. So I continued to search, even going so far as to stop random Moms on the street and grilling them on the pros and cons of their chosen carrier, hoping I would find one that really worked.

Then low and behold I received the I-Angel Hip Carrier and I felt like my search was finally over!

This product really does deliver. It offers all of the aspects that I was searching for and then some. It’s multi-positional, multi-functional, multi-seasonal, and grows with your baby better than anything I have tried in the past.

This carrier boasts so many great features that I am not sure what to start. One of my favourite things about it is the anti-slip cushioned seat that can be worn alone to help support a younger baby while holding them or zipped into the main body of the carrier to create an actual seat for your baby’s bottom. This feature is unlike anything I have seen before and really seems to make it a more comfortable experience for my daughter and myself! She can now face forward (her favourite position) seeing the world, without any strain or pressure on her hips.

I also love the padded straps, which boast extra cushioning for comfort and organic teething pads, which is great for little ones to munch on. They even tackled one of the toughest parts of baby wearing-overheating for mom and baby. The i-angel has an option where the fabric can be zipped off the back of the carrier leaving just the breathable mesh, making this carrier an asset in warmer weather.

It also offers storage pockets and a great cover to protect your little one’s head from the elements. They really have gone above and beyond to think of the major things that parents need in a carrier and the little things too.

My only complaint would be that I sometimes struggled with the upper back closure; it can be difficult to fasten on your own and takes some getting used to. Overall I think the I-Angel Hipseat carrier is a smart, convenient, and fabulous product that will become one of your most valued items for you and baby.