Dr. Daphne PalaBeing hands free while taking care of a baby was fun and exciting with our first son but it is a necessity with our second since we have an energetic toddler running around at home too. I also find child wearing helps us calm our younger son so it is a nice tool to have when the usual options to sooth fail.

Upon first glance it’s obvious the I-Angel Hipseat Carrier is very well made.  The material is thick and durable and most importantly has a lot of lower back support which is essential when the baby starts getting bigger. I think the best part of the I-Angel carrier is the fact that it can be used in many different ways. I am most excited to use the hip seat function as my little one gets bigger either by itself or with the shoulder straps connected. 

The fact that it can be worn with your child facing forward or backward in front of you or behind you is also a huge plus. When our oldest was little he did not like facing inward in the carriers we had already purchased before meeting our little man and becoming familiar with his preferences. We had to purchase another carrier than the ones we had to accommodate his ever changing preferences. If you were to buy the I-Angel carrier it would certainly be the only carrier you would need.

Overall I’m thrilled to own the I-Angel carrier. I believe I will be using it a lot in the next year or two.