Dr. Stephanie AniskoAs a chiropractor, I treat many mothers and pregnant women. I am often asked for advice on baby carriers and which ones I find are comfortable for mom as well as ergonomic for the baby. 

I was so excited to receive my I-Angel Hipseat Carrier and for the opportunity to review this product from a professional side and  personal side as I have a 27 month old daughter and baby on the way. I will need a great carrier for my newborn as I have to be on my toes to keep up with my high energy daughter! 

I was first impressed with the powder blue carrier’s stylish and durable design. I love how many different wearing positions are available with this carrier. There are so many features available including: options to adjust from a wide to narrow leg, attaching the Hipseat carrier for added support, the four season’s cover which allows for ventilation and protection, the adjustable straps and clips for different body shapes, and so much more. Placing the baby carrier in the front of me, I could still reach the clip in the back to adjust the straps. The straps have a nice amount of padding to reduce pressure on your neck, shoulders and upper back.

The Hipseat on its own is so clever. My daughter is a mover, but does like to be carried on occasion. Being pregnant, I really liked the Hipseat in the side carrying position. The little details of a zipper pouch gave me a convenient storage spot so I did not have to have my purse with me. Often moms and dads will carry their babies and toddlers in the side carrying position and tend to favour one side which puts extra strain on the spine, hips, ligaments, and muscles in the associated area as weight has to be shifted to keep your centre of gravity in balance. I found the Hipseat was helpful to distribute the weight of my toddler so that my back was did not have to compromise as much. I did wear the Hipseat a little lower to accommodate my growing baby bump but after my newborn arrives, I can wear it in a more appropriate position higher on my waist and also utilize the Baby Carrier when the baby is 30 days old and onwards.

The I-Angel Hipseat Carrier is a product that I would use personally and would recommend to my chiropractic patients.