Stephanie ClairmontMy 18 month old loves shoes… seriously. I mean this boy, LOVES shoes. He’s not very picky
either from shoes, sneakers, slippers, boots, he’s a just shoe guy. So I was really excited to get a pair of these beautiful little moccasins to see how he liked them.

I received the Mia’s Moccs in space grey which were absolutely perfect for him. In a boy wardrobe we have a lot of blues and light greys, so this colour really worked with most of his outfits; although I not-so secretly absolutely love the camp print and think my shoe-loving boy would appreciate a second pair!

We’ve gone through quite a few pairs of shoes, so I have some experience with what the mom of an infant, baby, or toddler is looking for.

The first big issue, especially for little ones, is the snug factor. Are the shoes going to stay put or wiggle off? We had a variety of little slipper type shoes when Deakon was younger and to be honest, they very often fell off. They have the little stretchy elastic piece to get them on snug. At first glance, I was worried I had purchased the wrong size for Deakon (I purchased a size 5 and he’s currently wearing a size 4.5 to 5 in other brands), even though I measured his foot and choose his size based on that. The elastic pieces that connect the front part and the side allowed me to wiggle and stretch the shoe on his foot and once they were on – it was like Cinderella!!! Or a little boy toddler version. They fit perfectly and he loved them. We played in the house and went out grocery shopping where his legs were hanging out of my shopping basket … and they stayed put. I would have loved to have a pair for him when he was just a little snuggle bug as I know they wouldn’t fall off.

I really appreciate how these moccasins are real leather. Although I’ve only had them for a few weeks, I feel like the leather would allow them to stay durable. They are easy to wipe and the dark colour allows little bits of dirt not to show. They are so soft to touch and seems like my babe was really comfortable wearing them without any socks. Nothing hurt or bothered him about them.

The other thing is that with other slipper type shoes held on with elastics, my boy would have elastic marks around his ankles when he took them off, because the elastic was around the top of the shoe. That was not the case here with Mia’s Moccs. They fit snug, but didn’t leave a mark.

Overall I was super impressed with the quality of the Mia’s Moccs. I did notice that the inside sole shifted a little bit, so I’m not sure how this would hold up. But it wasn’t a problem for the use we had with the shoes. I would recommend the Mia’s Moccs as a beautiful gift or a personal purchase. They are good quality, comfy, and won’t slip off. You may consider getting two different colours because they are freakin’ adorable!