Ashleigh ScottI’m not sure if it’s just my daughter but she has a serious aversion to socks or shoes or really anything at all on her feet. This has been an ongoing battle between us since she first discovered she had feet!

During the warmer months it wasn’t really a concern so I let her win, but now that the weather is getting cooler I was starting to wonder what I was going to do. So the timing of receiving Mia’s Moccs couldn’t have been better.

I was nervous to try them out as all my hopes rested on these adorable little slippers, but to my delight my daughter actually likes them!

The leather is so soft and I feel like they conform to her feet and confuse her into thinking they aren’t really there. She has pretty much worn them non-stop since they arrived and actually brings them to me now when we are headed out anywhere, which says more than anything.

They come in a variety of great colours and are perfect for wee ones and those just starting to walk. I think these moccs make a perfect gift because they come ready to give in the cutest burlap bag with a gorgeous logo printed on it!

I will definitely be ordering some for Christmas presents this year because I am obviously a huge fan. Thanks for taking the stress out of fall dressing for my little one and me.