Dr. Daphne PalaI was very excited when I heard I was selected as a tester for Mia’s Moccs. What better way to bond with your baby than dress them stylishly! 

My little boy loves getting dressed up. I never thought I would say that since my first son barely tolerated the process. Mia’s Moccs are a very cute addition to any outfit. They are not just stylish but also functional helping keeps socks on my little guy’s feet. His favourite past time includes kicking socks off while playing in his bouncy chair, but as the weather gets cooler it is more important keeping his little feet warm. 

We have the blue camo pattern Mia’s Moccs which looks great with pretty much any colour combination. They are very easy to put on as they have an elastic around the opening making getting them on very quick. 

As much as my son loves letting me treat him like my doll to dress, his patience runs thin if getting any one thing on takes too long. Shirts have to have large openings so I can slip them over his head quickly and shoes need to go on first try.Trying to smoosh his little feet into a shoe that is too difficult is frustrating for mom and baby. That’s why Mia’s Moccs are so great…easy to slip on and off. 

It’s also nice to see that Mia’s Moccs come in a great unisex design with a variety of colours to select from. I also always feel good supporting Canadian small businesses and I hope the mother and daughter team behind Mia’s Moccs do very well. We will be enjoying our moccasins during the cool fall days to come.