Laura McCarthyI was so excited to receive our Mia’s Moccs in grey for Weston. I had been looking for moccasins for him for fall and loved the variety of great solid colours offered on the website.

I find it so difficult to get accessories for my son without characters or kiddie patterns all over them. Sometimes you want your babies to look cool and have some of your own personal style. These moccasins really fill that need! 

I work for a leather goods company and I am picky about buying leather products. The genuine cow hide of Mia’s Moccs is excellent quality, and the attention to detail in the production is also impressive.

The padded sole makes these moccasins warmer for the fall weather and more comfy on the little ones who are starting to walk. It really adds to the overall feeling of great quality and makes them stand out from other similar brands. 

One of the best features of Mia’s Moccs is the elastic ankle strap; it keeps the moccasins on snugly without leaving marks around baby’s ankles. I was nervous to leave for a busy day with them on because I didn’t want to lose one, but I wanted Weston to look his best because I knew we’d be taking pictures that day. It turns out I didn’t need to worry; I took him out for a full day parks, play dates, and shopping and never lost a shoe!

It’s always a big bonus in our family when products are Canadian. Mia’s Moccs are well priced for their high quality. I would recommend picking up a pair for the little love of your life, and they would make such a special baby shower gift too!