Dr. Stephanie AniskoAs a chiropractor, I often treat women who are pregnant or who have had children. Pelvic, mid, and lower back pain are complaints from these patients during pregnancy and after. During pregnancy a woman’s body goes through many changes in posture, center of gravity, and hormones that will loosen ligaments in the body. These changes can cause back and pelvic pain. Good quality sleep with proper and supported spine alignment can be crucial to heal the body. I often recommend to my pregnant patients to lie on their side and use additional pillows between the knees, support the baby bump, and to hug at the chest in order to keep good spine and pelvic alignment. The Ultimate “6 in 1” Body Pillow by Ultimate Mum™ Pillows is a great solution.

During my two pregnancies I experienced lower back pain. Sleep became more uncomfortable as my baby bump grew.  I would use four pillows to get comfortable and my husband would often laugh how they would take up the bed! The Ultimate “6 in 1” pillow is large, but definitely worth the space. I wish I had this pillow during my pregnancies. Sleeping with this pillow as I tested the product passed my test as I did not have lower back pain during the night or when I woke up. The “J” shape fits comfortably between my knees, supports me as I lie on my side, and is comfortable on my neck. The premium terry bamboo with Healthguard® cover is waterproof and breathable as well as machine washable.  I have also used the Ultimate “6 in1” as a breastfeeding pillow. Although it is a bit heavy in comparison, it has a lot more support than other standard breastfeeding pillows and encourages better posture. The pillow can also be used as a baby lounger with a blanket overtop and would be great for taking newborn photos too instead of using a bean bag chair!

I would happily recommend the Ultimate “6 in 1” pillow by Ultimate Mum™ Pillows to my mom and mom-to-be patients and friends.