Angela Krapez headshotThe “Snuggle Up” from Ultimate Mum Pillows is truly the ultimate nursing pillow every mama would ever need. As many new moms can relate too, the first few days of breastfeeding a newborn is a sharp learning curve especially while recovering from childbirth. 

The “Snuggle Up” provides excellent support and comfort for any breastfeeding position and in every place around the home. The pillow arrived 4 days after our little one arrived. I cannot imagine not having this pillow now that we have used it for the past week. I found it made a huge difference for nursing while in my bed or on the couch as it provided the support I needed to bring my little one to correct level to nurse. It also was extremely comfortable for me as it provided the support I needed for my back. I also loved how big the Ultimate Pillow was as it was easily converted into a comfy pillow I could relax on post pregnancy. 

Lastly, the waterproof cover makes cleaning up any spills a breeze on the Snuggle Up. I absolutely love the Snuggle Up from Ultimate Mum Pillows.