Erica Moore headshotHaving just entered my second trimester, I now have begun to understand the restlessness and discomfort that can interrupt a pregnant woman’s ability to have a good night’s sleep. Between random aches and pains, general stress, and multiple trips to the bathroom, I was beginning to feel like I was losing out on my opportunity for some much needed rest. When the occasion was presented to sample one of the Ultimate MUM Pillows I couldn’t say yes fast enough.  I selected “The Snuggle Up “6 in 1” Pregnancy, Body, and Nursing/Feeding Pillow”.

Having used the pillow now for 5 nights, I have found a number of valuable improvements in my sleep and lounging time,

1. Sleep Position Improvement: I normally am a belly sleeper. Before I was pregnant I would also end up sleeping on my belly. The “Snuggle Up Pregnancy Pillow” helps to set soft bumpers for my body, encouraging me to sleep on my side.  Even if I toss and turn, I find the only position I roll into with this pillow is from one side to another; never on my belly.

2. Breast and Tummy Support: Having a pillow that runs from under the head down the length of my body is helpful as my sore and sensitive breasts have something to lean against. Similarly my belly (which has never been flat, even before pregnancy) has a shelf to lean against. I appreciate that the fabric and contents of the pillow do not cause me to feel overly warm or sweaty.

3. Versatility: Although the pillow is a bit big and awkward, it is still easy to move around and use in different scenarios around the home. I enjoy wrapping this product around my waist as I sit on the sofa; the back provides lower lumbar support while the arms sit in my lap, providing a comfortable shelf for reading or simply to rest my arms. I can see how when the time comes, this pillow will be very useful for nursing and accommodating a baby. The washable pillow case is also a very nice feature. 

Dogs in bed with Ultimate pillow4. Husband and Dog Friendly: I sleep in a queen size bed every night with a 6’4” husband and two dogs. Before “The Snuggle Up” I was beginning to feel like my own private real-estate in the bed was a lost commodity. I was constantly feeling imposed upon by my loving and adorable bed mates. One of the greatest and most unexpected asset of this pillow is the fact that it really helps to define my own space. When I am in the middle of the body pillow I feel as though I am cocooned within the space, with pillow walls on either side of my body. Both my husband and dogs are unable to nudge or disturb me while I slumber.  Although this pillow + my body now takes up more than half of the bed, this is a luxury I feel I can justify as my body works hard to build a healthy baby. 

5. General Comfort: Finally, this pillow is quite simply very comfortable. It’s the perfect balance between soft and firm.  It’s large and ergonomic scale hug and “snuggle” my body. I have found that my sleep and general sense of comfort at night has improved since using this product.

I would strongly recommend this product to pregnant women and new moms.