Nanny vs. Daycare image of baby crawling Trying to decide if your family would benefit more from a nanny or a daycare? Here is the cost and benefit breakdown.



Nanny pro vs. Con list

Live-in Nanny is approximately $1800 per month which would include board which is considered $160 per week.

This plan is set out Bi-weekly

Tax deducted federal $43.00
Provincial $20.00
CCP $34.00
EI $15.00
Board $170.00

Employer contributions EI $21.00
Match CCP $34.00

Every 1/4 WSIB $150 (optional I think)
All in all expect to pay out about $1,600 $1,800 per month


Daycare pro vs. Con list
Toddler $235 Infant $330
 Costs vary and some change one price for infant vs. toddler. Many don’t, so do your research!

Hamilton approx. $220 week
Ajax                         $190
North York             $330

Rate usually increase every January at many centers. Parent will receive tax receipts. The fees listed below are the average and taken from one daycare.

Fee Schedule breakdown

Infant program- (3 months of age to 17 months of age)- $62.00 per day

Toddler program -(18 months of age to 24 months of age)- $52.00 per day

Preschool program- (24 months of age to 4 years of age) $48.00 per day

5 days per week care (Full-time care) Part-time care (2, 3 days per week)

A deposit is taken upon registration $200.00 and $50.00 registration fee

Deposits are turned to families at the end of their stay with us. This is used to ensure that we are provided with our 30 day withdraw notice.

Families are able to try to qualify for Fee Assistance (Subsidy)