Walking through trails in wooded areaI spent a couple of days at Rocky Crest Golf Resort this summer; it was my first time at a resort in Canada. My family came from the UK and I knew it was absolutely necessary to show off Canada at its best. After making some inquires Rocky Crest was highly recommended to me by friends so I thought it only fitting to book two nights there and show my family up north Canada Ontario style!”

It had to be the best two days my family had while they were here; they loved seeing “up north.”

The highlight had to be spotting a bear! My family had said prior that seeing a bear would make this the ultimate holiday for them, and their wish came true.

Mother Nature can be seen at its best at Rocky Crest. The pristine gardens, golf courses, and untouched nature trails are all just prefect.

We picnicked at a part of the lake that was very tranquil, as 4 adults this is what we were looking for. It was quiet and serene, the stillness of northern life at its best.

Don’t want quiet?

Don’t despair there is the water park on the lake for those of you with kids, fire pits lit up at night for s’mores, and the Rocky Crest team are all set to put on actives and keep you busy!

The evenings for us were spent on the balcony overlooking the still lake as the sun went down while sipping cold wine, beer, and munching on chips!

The resort was full of kids of all ages and it was clear to see they were having a blast. I took the time to speak to a few guests and they had nothing but good things to say about the resort. The one thing they all had in common, the kids were never out of the water and loved the big play park on the lake.

I would definitely go back again and recommend it to anyone looking for some family fun, or a romantic getaway. It great resort for all.