Is Working From Home Right For You?

More and more people are choosing to forego their 9-5 and to balance their work/family life by working from home. Though there are some awesome perks that come with working from home (what’s better than being in your pyjamas all day?), it can also be quite challenging – I have given up trying to teach and convince my partner what working from home is real job!

Working from home is like any other job, the difference being is the constant struggle to protect a work/family balance. But if you can manage that, you will no longer have to fight traffic in a gruelling commute and you can choose your own hours.

It takes dedication, focus, and self-created structure to get the job done. Here are just some of the pros and cons.


Setting Your Own Schedule: 

Working from home allows you the ability to create your own schedule. This alone opens all kinds of doors into increased productivity and better overall well being, both mentally, and physically. You can hit the gym for an hour and come back refreshed, run a few errands during the day, keep on top of house chores, all of which then frees up your weekends which allows you more time for leisure and fun with the family.
Working from home gives you more freedom to work as you wish to work.

YOUR Office Space:
Being an at-home employee means you don’t have to limit yourself to a loud, open office cubicle. Take your laptop to the park, or a local coffee shop for a caffeine hit, or perhaps the library for some peace and quiet.  You can create your own office space to suit your needs, your style, and incorporate some little luxuries just for you such a TV,  a coffee machine, exercise machine, or other endless possibilities!


Willpower is a Must: Something I hear often is “Wow, I could never do that.” And, honestly, there is a lot of continual growing pains to find that self-discipline of being consistently productive. The nice thing about having a job outside of the home is that there is always structure, acquaintances to bounce ideas off of, and colleagues to chat with. When you have others around in the workplace it can lift your mood when you’re having a bad day. The one area I personally struggle with is the isolation; it can be very lonely day in and day out working from home.  When the weekend comes I have to be out of the house;  it drives me crazy to stay indoors as the home is no longer just my home but is now my workplace.

People Don’t Take You Seriously:
Working from home still carries a stigma, especially if you’re a freelancer. For some reason even in the year 2017 many people just don’t consider you a working person with a REAL JOB when you work from home. I have friends and we all share the same opinion, we are not respected in the workplace by our partners as we work from home. They are expected to juggle sick baby, house chores, cooking all on top of a paid working job and sadly get little recognition for it.  No paid sick day, no paid holidays.

Though I don’t think I could go back to a 9-5 office job after working from home, it’s not a fit for everyone. Weigh each of the pros and cons and decide what’s best for you and your family. Whatever choice you make will be the right one!

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