Potty Training

Little boy reading a book on the pottyTrust me when I say, potty training doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. It can be a little challenging at times and it will definitely test your patience but it is just another parenting challenge that will teach you a little more about the toddler years!

Potty training isn’t always about when you and your child are mentally ready, it’s also about your child’s bladder and if it has matured enough – that’s the most important fact needed here.

What is an appropriate age to start potty training?

It’s not about age when it comes to potty training, it’s when your toddler shows signs of being ready to take on the challenge. A general guideline to look for is when your toddler starts to show interest, some may take an interest and show signs around 18 months, others later around 2+ years.

Don’t put yourself under pressure as baby number two is arriving, or race to keep up with the Joneses, that could lead to all kinds of problems and your potty training days could become your worst parenting challenge ever!  Poor potty training can lead to toddlers and children holding their pee and bowel movements. This can be a fear or control issue; either way it’s not easy to overcome and you may need professional advice.

What are the signs to look for?

  1. Your child has a slight damp diaper after a nap or between three hour intervals…(this would indicate that they have some bladder control.)
  2. They not only know when they are having a poop, but they also have a need for privacy when they go.
  3. Your child can understand and follow simple instructions.
  4. They are eager to participate. If your child shows no interest then potty training could be a long battle with poor results.
  5. They can undress and dress with very little help. They will need to take up and down their own pants.

Shop together for a fun potty and allow your toddler to be part of the shopping process. A favourite potty of mine is “Summer Infant My Size Potty.”  It is designed to look like a real toilet. The handle features a flush and giggle sound to reward a job well done!  It always makes the kids laugh and they love it!

If the budget allows, purchase 2 potties for different places in the house.  Make sure they are both the same; I can bet you he will want to use the red one upstairs and not the blue one that’s down stairs if they are not the same!

Have many pairs of underwear on hand one size too big, they will be washed often and may shrink.

Aiming high or aiming low!

Toilet targets favourites are Cheerios or fruit Loops. They are the #1 fun target for little boys, however if they hit and miss, encourage your toddler to help clean up with a toilet wipe.

Last but not least and most importantly, teach the method of good hand washing! Far too many children tend to be in such a hurry they leave the bathroom with a quick wash under a running tap, often forgetting to soap their hands and wash thoroughly.

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