The pacifier – you either love it, hate it, or both. At times it has been a life saver to you for those fussy baby days, tantrum toddler days, and beyond!

It has many names such as “the soother”, “the suckle”,  “the num-num”, In the U.K. we call it a “dummy”, but whatever you call it, it has most likely become the best friend for many toddlers and babies. I often referred to it as ” the plug” as it is plugged in to quieten a fussy baby or to soothe a baby to sleep.

Taking away the pacifier for the most part is more drama for mama than it is for the baby!

pink  baby pacifier

How to Wean Baby From a Pacifier?

Start weaning early! 

Don’t allow pacifier use to escalate to a 24-hour tool that you can’t live without!  A few simple changes in the early days will make taking away the pacifier much easier.

As your baby snuggles down to sleep just before that final stage of sleep, slip the soother out of their mouth.  If they stir just hold out for a moment of two and try stroking their face or their head. If they start to fuss, pop it back in for a few moments before taking it away again.

If your baby is still fussing, look for alternative ways to soothe your baby.

Here are a few ideas  to try.

  • Hold your baby facing towards you, slightly resting on your shoulder area. Now place your hand on the baby’s back for support and do squats in slow motion.
  • Try rocking your baby in your arms. You may have to try different positions to find the right fit for your baby.
  • Go out for a walk in the stroller. Fresh air and a new environment may be just what you and your baby need.
  • Lay down with your baby on you and rub their back in a gentle massage motion    

There will come a day when you will not want your four-year-old leaving the house with their soother or having your two-year-old use it all day long. If you start weaning early and teaching your child to self soothe, you will avoid those pacifier induced tantrums in your future.

baby sleeping with pacifier