Let There Be Sleep

Sleep has to be the number one problem with babies worldwide. We appear to have an epidemic of non-sleeping babies.

If you’re baby is not sleeping you are not alone in thinking “what did I do wrong?”, “what did I do to deserve this”, or even thinking “my baby has a sleep problem”.

The biggest misconception with baby sleep is thinking that if you cut back on daytime naps, your baby will sleep better at night. 
his, as could not be further from the truth. In fact, The opposite is true. You may actually need to incorporate more daytime sleep in order to have your baby sleep better through the night.

A baby that does not sleep well at night can cause strain on a marriage.I meet  parents daily that have become very grumpy with each other due to lack of sleep; often not even sleeping in the same bed due to a constant waking baby.

As your baby turns three months start putting your baby on a schedule.

Babies who are on a schedule are happier and it allows you to plan your day more adequately, giving you more free time. I also find that babies on a schedule sleep much better, longer, and settle easier when you schedule their naps at the correct time to suit their needs and age. 

A baby of three months should be encouraged to nap every 1.5 – 2 hours from each waking. It would be safe to say they would need a minimum of two day time naps a day.

The first nap should be in the morning and should be the shorter nap, for about 1.5 hours. The afternoon nap at is the longer nap and should be about 2.5 hour. Over time your baby will develop a great sleep pattern and start sleeping better through the night.

5 points that prevent a baby sleeping through the night:

1) Milk intake is too small and your baby needs frequent feeds at night.

2) Naps are too far apart and your baby is over tired at each nap and wakes after 20 minutes.

3) Your baby has come to depend on a sleep aid to sleep, such as a pacifier, soothing on the breast, rocking to sleep, ect.
4) The nursery is too light and the light is preventing a deep sleep. Our brains are wired to wake in light, sleep in dark, contrary to what others may say. I am a firm believer babies sleep better in a dark room day and night.
5) Too much noise in the house. Consider using a soft white noise machine.

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