Ashleigh ScottOne of the most challenging parts of raising my first daughter was potty training her, so the idea of taking on this milestone again with my toddler filled me with anxiety. Luckily, I was introduced to the PiyoPiyo multifunction deluxe potty trainer and it has managed to make the process a lot less painful the second time around. I am happy to report that my 2-year-old is well on her way to potty training success and I am so relieved.

There are so many great features to this potty but I think my favourite thing about it is its size and weight. I like that it is compact and can easily fit in my main floor washroom so it’s close at hand when I need it. This has really helped Winnie to feel comfortable with the potty and even though she hasn’t quite grasped the concept fully, she is able to at least sit on it easily when we ask her if she needs to go. The design of it is clean and not so colourful that it turns our washroom into an eyesore. It also features a great removable seat that I will be able to put onto our regular toilet once she has reached that stage. This is something I never had with our old potty and I’m not sure how we managed without it. The potty is skid proof, which is amazing as she can’t easily play with it and move it away from its spot in the bathroom. When it comes time to clean it, the process is simple, just lift the reservoir out and wash it and then it easily slips back into place. The potty can also be used in the bathtub as a little seat, which I think, is so smart. My daughter is now at the age where she is really active in the tub and preventing her from slipping around is a challenge.

Overall this potty has everything you could want to help your little one get comfortable with this very big step in their development and I definitely give it my stamp of approval!