Melissa Bajwa headshotBathing a newborn is a never an easy task for a new mom, let alone an experienced mom. They are tiny, squirmy, and most likely screaming as soon as you undress them; so finding a bath tub that can make mom or dad feel a little more comfortable is very important. Upon waiting for the arrival of my 3rd child, I was given the opportunity to try the PiyoPiyo Deluxe Bath Tub and Adjustable Sling which I was very excited to start using. 

My first impression of the PiyoPiyo bath tub was that it is quite large with a nice depth. This feature is great for your growing baby. The tub is bright yellow, feels sturdy, and has the cute PiyoPiyo duck trademark on the bottom. Filling up the tub is simple, and even though it is large, it fits perfectly between the two sinks on the bathroom vanity. The tub does have a built in soap dish and a cut out to hang from a shower head to dry. Draining the PiyoPiyo tub is also easy as all you need to do is swing the plug to the side and drain in a sink (if you are using on a vanity).  The tub never leaked in the month that I was using it either.

There are two features of the tub that I absolutely love: First, it’s easy to clean and it is free of extra pieces where dirty and mold could form.  As a mom of 3 I don’t have time after every bath to remove these pieces, I need something simple. Second, the sling, it is separate though worth it!  Read the directions before you put your little one in it, as this is adjustable and you will need to find the perfect fit for your child and situation.  The sling once installed correctly looks like a baby hammock and the top has a pillow like head rest to give a bit of padding for your baby’s head.   

Overall this is a product that wasn’t on my radar when researching infant tubs and I wish it was. I highly recommend this tub for new parents or experienced parents as it is simple and makes bathing a little easier.