Oh the joys of the summer vacation! The kids are  home, but how do you keep them busy enough to stop them complaining of boredom?

Here are few old fashioned low cost ideas that may help with the pocket and the boredom:

Picnic at the park:
Gather  some water guns, squirt bottles, or any fun water toys, and hit the parks that have sprinklers. Pack a picnic, some simple sandwiches, snacks and fruit, and don’t forget lots of cold water! Kids forget to drink when having fun and on a hot day and can dehydrate easily.


Fruit picking:
Visit your local farm. A favourite for many is Brooks Farm on highway 48 as they have a play area and chip truck! The kids can pick blueberries, strawberries, and then go on a tractor ride around the farm. Take a picnic lunch and stay the day.

A trip to the city:
Perhaps you live in a small town and the kids have never really explored Toronto or the city closest to you. Make it more fun and take public transportation. I can’t believe how many children have never been on bus or a train! Riding the rails is super fun for a toddler.
If you’re from the city.. head to the small towns like Port Perry or up north to one of the amazing provincial parks for the day. Many of the parks allow barbecues and it’s so nice to cook out in the park.

Have a great sleep over:
Plan with care, make this the best sleep over ever! Start it early with a swim or a trip to the park and run them ragged! Put up a small tent in their bedroom and leave flash lights in it…

Let’s face it, they are most likely going to want burgers or hotdogs, maybe even pizza followed by some kind of candy and a movie, or could you set up a dessert station where they get to make their own desserts?

Dessert station
Have some simple homemade cup cakes on hand ready for decorating, jello moulds to make their own jello, or homemade chocolate pudding with gummy worms to search out! Get a s’mores kit out and let them make s’mores. 
These fun desserts don’t have to be for parties only, summer vacation is meant to be one long party!

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a few fun days out if you get your thinking cap on.