Prepping for JK

It’s creeping up…that back to school time will be with us in a heartbeat!

“Where did the time go?” parents ask themselves as they look at their little ones with tears in their eyes as they start to think about their first day at JK.

Whether it’s tears of joy or fear and sadness, it’s time to start prepping your soon to be JK student for school with earlier bedtimes and a little more independence. Somethings  will require a push while other things will call for some tough love.

Never fear, Nanny Robina is here to help you.

First let’s look at the start of the day:

How is breakfast time? Is it too long and drawn out?

Start thinking of fast simple nutritious food. Chopped up ham and cheese, grilled cheese, eggs and fruit, oatmeal, raisin bread and cheese,
all simple to throw together and easy to eat. If your child is a slow eater there’s no point in trying to get them to eat faster as it can be stressful  come school days but you can work on it now to be sure you’re both ready when school starts.

Try this little trick: “If you finish your toast by the time the alarm goes off  we will have time for ??”  We don’t want kids to eat too fast so start little..”now can you finish your fruit by the end of the sand timer?”

Getting dressed:

Don’t start your independence by allowing small people the freedom to choose their own clothes. It’s just too overwhelming. Getting dressed can take time and you may want to step in and help in order to hurry them along. However, when you do that you’re also taking away that independence which will be needed; so hold back. Bring the clothes into your room and get dressed together. Make it a race, make it fun. 

Packing Lunch:

Search for easy to open lunch boxes, water bottles, and start using them now. Play school, play lunch, have picnics, and serve the school lunch ideas. This will allow you to see what gets eaten and what does not. You can also see if they struggle to open and close their new lunch bags.


Many people know  I have always practiced early bedtimes. Early bedtime is needed more than ever. Your little person may protest but will get over it as long as you remain consistent. Bedtime should be around 6:30 pm and if that’s not possible then 7pm at the latest.

This will require you to wake up at 7am, make sure they don’t nap, and trust me, the 6:30pm bedtime will come easy.

I often hear “he won’t sleep at 8pm let alone 6:30pm!”  That is most likely because 8pm is too late and you missed the window of sleep, when that happens your little one gets a second wind making it difficult to fall to sleep easily.


Whenever you allow a small person a choice make sure its a choice of just two simple things,  such as  do you want an apple or banana with breakfast ?