The Tissue Issue – How to Teach Kids to Clean Themselves

Back to school days are upon us and with that you need to start thinking of that one little area that you may have taken care of up to now,  this dirty little issue needs some practice!

The wiping and cleaning of the bum is not something your small person can do easily but with JK days coming up, they need to get this under control. They may protest about wiping their own bum… I mean who wants to possibly get poop on their hands?! Yuck!

First let’s get the easiest method sorted and that’s where and how to position the hand so it reaches the bum easier.

Rather than teaching arm action to reach behind the bum, encourage their arm to go underneath as its easier for little people to reach. Teach to wipe away rather than forward, especially for little girls. Then teach them to wipe once then throw paper down the toilet and then wipe a second time using fresh tissue paper. How many squares needed is your call, but encourage a count of squares so they don’t use 1/2 toilet roll for one wipe!

Explain in a gentle manner it’s time they start to clean their own bum and you will clean it after the bum inspection if needed. You may need to help with hand and arm guidance a few times. Encourage two wipes rather than one and at least when you’re not in sight to help it will possibly be cleaner.

It’s going to take some practice and the chances are your little one will come out of school itching his bum like crazy;  that’s probably an indication he didn’t clean well and needs a dunk in the tub when you get home!

Consider packing a small packet of wet bum wipes in his school bag, along with extra clean underwear along with a clean outfit.

The teachers are encouraged NOT to enter and help in the bathroom due to all kind of complicated possible repercussions. It is at the teachers own discretion that in the event of a messy accident she helps, but I certainly get the feeling it’s no longer something they are comfortable with.
Knowing this you need to work overtime over the holidays as this is something you will need to encourage daily along with proper hand washing.