I’m a mom of two boys under three. Mealtime is a huge deal in our house. My boys love food and can eat a surprising amount for their small statures! I love to try new products to help make meals more fun for my kids and easier for me.

When I received the PiyoPiyo Easy Reach Water Bottle and Slip-Proof Three-Section Dinning Plate right before dinner one night I was excited to give them a try!

Slip-Proof Three-Section Dining Plate

When my boys are served dinner on a sectioned plate it’s like the sections create some kind of allure that convinces them to try everything.This is a great way for me to get them to try new vegetables and healthier meal items. The sections of the PiyoPiyo plate are deep and fit a good-sized portion in each. The elongated shape of the plate itself fits nicely on my highchair and overall the plate has a pleasing design with the little PiyoPiyo ducky pictured on the top. The plate is easily hand-washed and ready for the next meal!



Easy Reach Water Bottle (11oz)

Having a good water cup is important, especially during the hot summer months!

The three things I look for when purchasing a baby or toddler cup are that it doesn’t leak, it’s easy for my child to use on their own, and that it’s unique so my kids can easily identify it as theirs at a play date or at daycare.

The PiyoPiyo cup has an adorable duck face that goes nose to nose with your child when they drink. It has a soft flexible straw that is gentle for their little mouths. The straw itself requires some extra muscle to install but once in, it prevents the cup from any leakage. The cup also has a strap, which I could see being a concern for my one-year-old, however it was a hit with my almost three-year-old. He enjoyed carrying the cup around like a purse! As a bonus this strap prevents children from being able to open the cup lid themselves… something my almost three-year-old enjoys doing and then making it rain all over the floor!

The most unique feature the cup has is that the straw has a weight on it.I’ve seen quite a few of these cups on the market and I think it’s a great idea! When kids are learning to drink from a cup it can be very frustrating for them. My kids use different cups at daycare then they do at home so even though I have used exclusively straw cups they still tip up when they drink. This cup solves that problem with a weighted end to the straw. This keeps the straw in the liquid no matter what angle your child is holding the cup at.