Baby girl sleeping on rugWhat is CIO ?

The cry it out (cio) method of sleep training is one of the most controversial challenges ever, and will most likely be one of the toughest decisions you will have to make.

The key is to allow your baby to cry and fuss to sleep, sending a message that you will no longer pick them up to rock them or soothe them to sleep. Your baby is learning to put themselves to sleep at this time.

Shushing and a gentle stroke at intervals is permitted, over time the visits to do that gets longer between each visit, until it is eliminated all together.

A study showed that babies who participated in the cio training went on to be better sleepers than those that were not.

It’s your personal choice and you should be comfortable with your decision if you chose to follow this method.

Do you know that with some little changes made in your baby’s  early days you could possibly overcome that challenge all together.

The key:  To place your baby in their bassinet/crib comfortably in the early stages of sleep.

This simple task can go a long way and could possible eliminate the need to sleep train with any method at all.

Yes, you heard correct! I am on house calls daily and have many clients who have never had to cio and they have a baby that sleeps well with both naps and bedtime often sleeping through the night.

Once you overcome this challenge, having your baby sleep will become so much easier as they learn to sleep solo in their  bassinet/crib and not in your arms nor on your breast.

A baby allowed to sleep in your arms or on your breast for a long period of time does not take too kindly to the change when you feel you have had enough! The transition can be very tough to eliminate on both mama and baby.

Not every baby is ready at the same time, some baby’s just need to be held a little longer than others, and others will fight you tooth and nail and then change!

Placing your baby in their bassinet:

Once your baby is fed and sleepy, place him in a bassinet swaddled if that’s what you normally do. Once your baby starts to stir and fuss gently place your hands on your baby and stroke your baby, then gently rock the bassinet, BUT don’t allow that rocking to become consistent.

Over time you should rock, stop, rock, stop, slowly eliminating the rocking. The idea of this method is to try and keep your baby in the bassinet not picking them up to soothe them to sleep. Try and allow them the time to get used to soothing and sleeping in their bassinet.

Pick up pref:

Pick up and soothe your baby until they are almost asleep, then place in crib. Once your baby starts to fuss, pick up and soothe to a calm state, and then back place in crib.

Babies always fight and fuss up a storm with change, however with time, patience, and perseverance, your baby could be sleeping in their bassinet/crib comfortably allowing you more time to yourself.