Madeleine AlaouzeIf there has been anything I’ve struggled with in finding a certain product for my kids, it’s pillows; children’s pillows to be exact. I learned that it’s better for young kids to have a pillow that’s right for their size. In my search all I could find were too small, or too thin, no support, or no fluff.

When I received the Robot and Dinosaur Child’s Pillow, I was very impressed. I could tell as soon as I picked it up this was the one. Not only was my daughter, Anna, excited for the beautiful girly print, Animals on Safari, I was happy to have a comfortable, practical, and well-made child’s pillow for my girl.

The easy to remove and wash case is made from high quality fabric and there are a lot of different prints to choose from. The durable all natural buckwheat hull-filling helps keeps the right amount of support for her head and neck. It’s just the right size for her and should be suitable for the next couple years. The pillow is also easy to take with us on trips and long car rides, and she loves to take it with her.

I thought the price point was a bit high but after having Anna use it over the last month or so, and seeing the quality and how much she loves her Robot and Dinosaur Pillow, I would recommend this product to any of my friends looking for the perfect child’s pillow. It would make a great, practical gift too! I approve this product!