Dr. Daphne PalaI was very excited for my 3 year old to try the Robot & Dinosaur pillow. I had been thinking about what kind of pillow to get for him but didn’t know what may be best since there are so many options!

I must say I love the look and feel of the fabric. It has a very cute pattern and my son liked it right away and he knew by the perfect size it was meant for him.  It’s just big enough for his head and does not puff up on the sides like regular pillows do since the buckwheat is so form fitting. It is in fact always cool to the touch which for me is a huge bonus. I would have to admit it’s a little hard to gauge whether my 3 year old enjoys that feature but I know he is always rather hot when he is sleeping so a nice cool surface is welcomed.  I must admit he still does laps in his big boy bed at night and he needs to work on keeping his head on the pillow all night. I have checked on him numerous times and he is always in contact with his pillow so he certainly likes it.

I personally like the idea of buckwheat for a pillow material mostly because we know that is breathable and allergen friendly. It smells nice too, and certainly still does after a few weeks of use. I wasn’t sure, but after reading more about buckwheat pillows, I am sold and would like one for myself.

I love products that arise out of a perceived need and enjoy supporting Canadian small business. I like that this product was developed by moms for their children with our children in mind. Overall I am a fan. Thank you Robot & Dinosaur for letting my son take this pillow for a test drive.